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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009: a retrospective look

In less then 2 days 2009 will finally be at an end. I really meant to write more this month but for some reason it was the season for madness. People buying presents with money they don’t have for people who probably don’t deserve it or just want to impress. I was mentally drained for the last three weeks and it’s only now that I am recovering on some level. I am doing OK. I am just going on with life as usual.

So what will 2010 bring besides double digits, the Vancouver Winter Olympics, and another birthday? Will there be more astronomically stupid infatuations on extremely good looking arrogant men who do deserve my affections. Continuing on with Wal-Mart, more writing? Most likely.

So far the five Ws of 2009 (in no particular order of importance)

  1. Wal-Mart
  2. Wondering
  3. Waiting
  4. Wanting
  5. Wasting time

(Perhaps there should be a willing somewhere on the list because none of it really sounds positive.)

2009 has been better then 2008. For starters its more stable. I am not moving country to country town to town. I’ve finally had a steady job for over a year. I am safe but stuck and I am stuck because I am safe.

This pretty much sums up what I think of the year. Therefore, I hereby present 2009 in retrospect…Some major events include.

Pretty Blue Eyes…. I won’t even waste anymore words on this…

Moving out to the boonies in July, during a heat wave no less, it was not pleasant.

My on going battle of personal issues….

Almost burning the new house down…its kind of strange story.

Acquiring two new kitties cats into the family. Charley and Chazy. (It used to be Chaz)

Going to Bible study (Small Group) and constantly whinging how I don’t fit in, etc, etc. Reading about Ezekiel was pretty cool though.

Going back to church…I still haven’t figured that one out yet. It started because Hev-Lady will stop bugging me to go.

My brother going into permanent care. I will be a year the end of February.

My sudden desire to start collecting dolls. It’s kind of creepy.

Learning to sew. I swear mom’s sewing machine is a hungry monster that eats fabric…but anyways.

My poodle skirt! I made it especially for Halloween. I was stupid and didn’t take pictures.

STAR TREK! Although I was somewhat divided on how the director changed things with the whole alternate universe thing. I seriously waited all year to see it.

Star Trek –Lady, part of the new system at work. The new express lane tills, just in time of the Christmas rush. She is this love disembodied voice who tells customers where to go (the register to which they must pay), literally and in a nice way too via the pressing of a lovely silver button. She sounds like the Star Trek computer in Star Trek Next Generation hence Star Trek –Lady. Not to mention the registers make me feel like I am operating 1/6th of a giant space ship. It’s kind of like a mega cashier with one line up. The new system works ok if it’s busy, but its crap when it’s slow. For starters Till 1 gets all the customers. And no one pays attention to Star Trek-Lady. Oh and its self bagging…that really pissed customers off for the first month or so.

I’ve begun reading a lot of books. I’ve read 28 from recollection it might be more… I’ve only just got back into it.

Having a job interview at a newspaper was beyond cool, but sadly it wasn’t meant to be. I shall endeavour to try again in coming year. I talked to a reporter from the local paper who goes to my church and she said it didn’t matter if they were advertising for a position. I might as well get my name in. So there!

It’s been my first full year back in Canada, but I still feel like I got on the plane from Australia yesterday. 2009 was a year of progress in some areas and regression in others. It also went by way to fast.

So in the word of my dear brother… “HAPPY NEW YOU!”

More Fizzy Lemonade shall be served in the New Year.

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