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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The on going saga and Acorna

Urgh I had an entry all written out 2 weeks ago almost but now it’s outdated so its redundant to publish it. But I will anyways….

A big happy birthday goes out to Tony. He is 18 but for some reason seems to think he is 49.

Me: Happy Birthday Tony!

Tony: Thank you Happy Birthday Me

Me: You’re welcome Tony. How old are you today?

Tony: 49

Me: I thought you were 94.

Tony: No 49

Me: How old am I then?
Tony: 12

Me: Well you’re nearly half right.

In other news Pretty Blue Eyes apparently has a girlfriend, who is not officially his girlfriend but potentially a girlfriend in other words he is most likely taken. Now I can take a big sigh of relief knowing now what he meant by “at this time” bull shit. So all along it was a gentle let down and not the door ajar leaving room for possibilities, confusing the hell out of me. The initial rejection was a mixed message. It still would have been better to at least close the door or slam it in my face so the obsessive person that is mean wouldn’t be wondering about it for 7 months. I just realised what a waste of my entire life this was. MY ENTIRE LIFE! Not telling him how I feel but brooding about it for so long afterwards. I am glad I am able to love, but I wish it was directed at the right guy for once…

P.S. were still friends…Now that I know the above information it makes it easier to be friends.

With Wild Will :P (Well I am!)

P.S.S. I am kind of annoyed about it. I feel like I was lied too for some reason, by him and myself. Why did I fool myself into thinking it was a just a temporary thing? Was I imagining things when he kept sending the mixed signals of all confusingness.

Showing up at my house at 11 at night mysteriously looking for churches in town and introducing me to his parents, yet now that I’ve gotten to know him he seems to think the world revolves around him. He showed up around quarter to 12 at night at my house a month or so later, claiming he was in the neighbourhood playing poker at a friend’s a claim that was later confirmed.

Then there were the mysterious glances for no reason, well to be fair I was looking at him and he was probably just catching me looking at him all along. Well he is really handsome.

Or how about it seeming he was finding excuses to call me?

Singing my name on the phone

Teasing me…

Then the last few days he got really distant from me…now I know why! He sounded really nervous and awkward the last few times too.

(Perhaps it has to do with Wild Will rocking my socks?)

In fact earlier before I managed to get over the initial shock of finding this out and seeing his very elegant friend of his, and not being formally introduced either. I never even heard her name. I found out by listening in on other youths conversations. Hmmph! She looks like one of the models from the Sears catalogue. I went into hours of pure angry madness. I was mad at him. I was mad at myself, etc… I, as always was reading into things far too much. I have all these mixed emotions of anger, embarrassment, shame and hurt and I am not sure how to place them or to deal with them properly.

So now I am officially and determined to meet the real deal! If only I wasn’t so impatient, shy around guys or for some dumb reason pining for Pretty Blue Eyes maybe I’d have found him by now. Perhaps it’s Big Red from work. He has pretty red hair as well as pretty eyes…and he is really tall. He reminds me of Wild Will’s side kick John and he always reads books like me. He seems like a real NERD nerdy retarded weird guy. I’ll start with trying to make friends with him. I just hope he is not too young for me. Really tall people for some reason look older then they are, it would be just my luck if was 18 or something, because another really tall guy I found endearing at work was. :S

P.S.S.S. I thought right other tall guy is 18.

P.S.S.S.S.... Mom wants me to buy cat food.

A is or Acorna. I am nearly done reading Acorna the Unicorn girl series by Anne McCaffery co-writing with 2 authors. The first two with Margret Ball and the rest with Elizabeth Anne Scarborough. Sometimes it is boring and lame, sometimes it is adventurous, overtly technically with the technology and well I still like it. I once joked to Hev-Lady how perhaps I should acquire or own Linyaari (a unicorn person) to heal her. It’s pretty cool actually the Linyaari are a gentle telepathic race with the ability to heal, and purify water and air, just like a unicorn.

I was reading Acorna’s Quest the second book in seven book series and my friend Matthew saw it whilst we were having lunch at Subway.

Matthew: Oh she has a horn on her head. That is hot

Me: Well of course it’s a phallic symbol

Matthew: You’re a phallic symbol.

Me: I lack any of the components to be a phallic symbol.

Obviously Acorna portrays the best of both worlds, she is female and she has a phallus on her head, she is exotic looking with the silver hair and fair skin. Somehow I think the character caters to men’s masculinity or there hidden sexual desires. There is some bestiality undertones as well with her being part equine and all. The ancestral hosts who saved the unicorns from Earth and through genetic splicing created the Linyaari desired the unicorns in that way. Of course this is purely my own opinion. If you read the first book it kind of explains why I think this....

I think it was a few months later...

Matthew: You’re still reading that book?!

Me: No its book five Acorna’s World.

Matthew: Oh...

Me: I still remember you telling me how you think she is hot and the you called me a phallic symbol.

Matthew: (Laughs)

Anyways....I am on the last book out of seven.

Acorna the unicorn girl

Acorna’s Quest

Acorna’s People

Acorna’s World

Acorna’s Search

Acorna’s Rebels

Acorna’s Trimuph.

Acorna. Acorna, Acorna. Acorna, Acorna. Acorna, Acorna. Acorna, Acorna. Acorna, Acorna. Acorna,

Then I find out there is three more in a spin off series called Acorna’s Children... Blah!

P.S.S.S.S....I have to work....

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