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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Procrastination causes randomness!!!

  1. Justin
  2. Joan
  3. Louie
  4. Shane
  5. Kayla
  6. Corrin
  7. Lyndin (I think that’s his name)
  8. Kristine
  9. Kumar
  10. Daryn
  11. Mohammad
  12. Taryn
  13. Maria
  14. Christie
  15. Dave
  16. Jenifer
  17. Elise
  18. Sam

I’ve had 18 different flatmates.>

And now

19. Justine

5 out of 18 were bad apples – 28%
3 out of 18 did a lot of ummmm…screwing – 17%
2 out of 18 were anti social – 11%
3 out of 18 I got along with but never really got to know properly – 17%
5 out of 18 were awesome – 28%

As you can see I’ve thought a lot about flatmates and some random made up words, which I think are too weird to post, but were merely part of an idea for another story.

I’ve become a dastardly procrastinator. For starters I just finished an assignment that was due on Friday. I didn’t begin it till Friday night. Luckily the lecturer said we could submit the assignment over the weekend, as he wasn’t checking until Monday afternoon. Phew!!! However, I digress I ended up finding the assignment rather interesting and easy. I could have done it way sooner and got it out of the way, why did I choose to procrastinate? Oh the shame! This blog entry aids in further procrastination. Rather than go into details about

Let me tell you a story.

Me: (Quietly discussing something related to my superheroes characters about another sequel yes another I may or may on elaborate on it as of yet).
Justine: Are you OK Mel?
Me: (Cringes as improper use of name) Yes
Justine: Who are you talking too?
Me: Myself….
Awkwardy silence
Me: I day dream about my stories and I tend to get carried away sometimes.

I wonder if maybe my imagination about stories has run off with me, to the point that I rather sit and muse about them continuously. I’ve done it since I was seven. I tend to day dream a lot when I am stressed or upset about something, when I want to escape. It’s also evidently these times when I come up with my best ideas. When I day dream I get really into it to the point that I take on a role of one of the characters or various characters and begin talking to them like they are really there, yet I know they aren’t. I recognise that I am in this imaginary realm, but the longer I get into it the longer I can sense the line between imaginary and the real kind of blurring. Sometimes I pace the floor in my room or I do something that I can do with out properly thinking. My imaginations tend to take on top priority. I am worried sometimes that I am losing touch with reality. I’ve never mentioned this to anyone before. I am plain old addicted to this form of escapism. I feel better, I feel safer and somewhat productive because I am coming up with ideas for my stories.

It makes me wonder if when I reply that I am talking to myself am I merely talking to myself or many versions of me or am I talking to imaginary beings that I have brought into imaginary existence. Let’s face it I am embarrassed that I was caught in the act. Normally I make sure I am on my own, but sometimes I do participate in it when I am around people. According to my Mom I get a really blank stare that looks like I am very deep in thought. My cousin onetime told me my mouth moves sometimes, but I think she was more annoyed by it than freaked out by it. So if any of you have seen me do any of those things I am probably imagineering something.

P.S. Is there something wrong with me?

1 comment:

Tristopher said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Melissaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

Was it literary theory that you had to do the assignment for? I are think I know what you mean, when I like to daydream about my own stories, I like to be walking, possibly listening to music. I generally just have to be doing something that requires minimum mental investment. Sitting on the bus or on a plane often helps too. Sometimes I also whisper things out loud that I'm thinking about saying to people, although I rarely get caught -- probably because I'm usually alone when I do that.

This one time I was hearing strange voices and then people started turning up petrified or dead then the voices went away and people stopped turning up petrified or dead. Oh well.

So, yes. I don't think it's a sign of bad mental health, I think it's quite common for introverted creative-type people.