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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pinball and obsession

I have this real desire to play pinball lately. I want to play the real pin ball machine at Strutters Night Club for some reason. I am obsessed in that I am using the names of my characters on the high score list. Hmmmm….I guess its my form of procrastination.

I thought this article was really smart. I give it ten nerds out of ten. Basically some scientists have figured out a way to use human waste as in faecal waste to use as fuel and fertiliser, which will help with the problem of global warming.

So I was having one of those good dreams that you don’t want to wake up from. I can’t remember what it was about but I know that it was pleasant because I was very disappointed when I was woken up by my new flatmate Jenny from South Korea banging cupboard doors for some weird reason. Jenny is nice but she is quite noisy in the morning, she has this thing for closing the bathroom door when she is finished, has went through 3 rolls of my toilet paper in two days and she runs the tap while she is doing her business. It’s probably because she is afraid I’ll hear her which I wouldn’t anyways. Joan says I should mention Australia is going through something called a drought. And my other friend Serena says I should tell her that it’s not really necessary to close the door because Aussies are more relaxed about bathroom type activities Hmmm….. Now how to tell her so that I don’t sound like a grouch and she will understand?

She has also got to be the most reclusive flatmate I have ever had. My theory is she has culture shock because she doesn’t know much English. I know what culture shock is all about my first two weeks in Australia. I hibernated in my room because I was afraid to come out. Jenny came around yesterday and we had a bit of chat but it was really interesting how she’d repeat the words I say and kind of shake her head to show she didn’t quite understand. So I would think of a simpler word to say what it mean and she got it. For instance I was trying to say what Joan was like. I said she was loud and bubbly. She didn’t get bubbly so I had to use the word happy instead. She doesn’t seem to like my other new flatmate Dave. He reckons it’s because of his tattoos. He isn’t a scary bloke either, but I think it’s because I am less threatening because I am a female. Good old social conditioning!! You never fail do you?

I am starting the sequel to Song of the Superheroes or more appropriately the next in the series I see five books for some reason. I have three titles choose from the original title Fizzy Lemonade or Kate’s suggestion No Dogs Allowed or my new one No Ogs Low from Chapter 32 where the toddler chewed up the no dogs allowed sign. You see I was discussing it with Kate and Chris and well the dogs get tired of discrimination and form the dog army. I also have a whole bunch of new characters to introduce too. I can't wait to finish this one.

This is really bugging me and I don't know why. I don't think a friend of mine likes Officer Octogenarian too much. I said something about him last night and she was none to nice in what she thought. I think my liking him boarder lines on an obsessive infatuation. You know when you can see no wrong in them. Matters of the heart must truly be blind I supposed. She seems to think he is a bad guy. No else sees a problem with me liking him. Why does she? It’s just morbid curiosity really. So I implore you Joan. Why don’t you like my Officer Octogenarian?

P.S. I have obsession issues. OBSESSION ISSUES! Its entirely annoying me.


Tohou Lidia said...

Haha - love the pinball thing! Would you believe that last Christmas while we were at my grandma's house - my brother played my pinball obsessively and ended up at 3 million? It's called "JACOB the AMAZING". haha! I think it must just be the culture difference with Jenny. I've only ever really known a few korean people but i think they are still very polite - i'm guessig especially when it comes to bodily noises! I didn't know you had another flatmate named Dave!

Don't worry - i am the obsessive sort as well ;) Nothig wrong with it as long as you don't begin a shrine!

Luv Amy

Princess Jo said...

Oh no: I wasn't saying it was bad being obsessive, I was just saying I am not sure about Mr Oct. and the type of man he might be. I would love to be proven wrong, but at the same time, not at the expense of my best friend, if I am proven right. At the same time: nothing tried is nothing gained. So do what you think is best Melissa!


Lidia said...


Yes...I changed it yet again! this will definately be the last, I promise! And it will be my main one!

Luv Amy

Lidia said...

Ok...scratch that last entry! I changed my blog title, layout and everything about it :P

So the new address is:

Sorry for changing it yet again!

Luv Amy