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Friday, October 12, 2007

I love Australia this much!

Well it appears I am black to Plan C. In order to stay longer in Australia I had credit rearranged. I had three random credits for unspecified courses given to me at the beginning of last year, but I took two of those back and now I will be studying next year Term 1 2008. So I will qualify for the two year study rule to be able to apply for permanent residency because I have to be in Australia over 2 years and have taken at least 16 subjects. Before this I only had 14 courses and immigration said I didn’t qualify. I guess most uni friends I know would say you could have finished this year and been done with uni forever, why on earth would you make is so you could stay another term!? I’ve lost my entire mind that’s why! Or as I demonstrated to friends I with out reached hands proclaimed “I love Australia this much.”

It’s true I get homesick when I am down and it might be tough again another Christmas away from Canada, but I am sure yesteryear was a just a testing run to see how I could do it. I made it and it wasn’t that bad. In fact I wrote Chapter 25 of superheroes on December 25, that was the highlight of my entire Christmas Day. Poor Hev-Lady (Mom) and General Question Mark (Brother) are going to be sad I’m not home for Christmas.

On Thursday I made an entire appointment with Student Services in which I figured out how to stay longer. Anyways the conversation with the International Support Officer and the Admissions Officer kind of went like this…

Me: Well I really want to stay in Australia because I have a lot of good friends here.
ISO: (oh so coyly) Would one of these friends happen to be a boy?
Me: (Accidentally blushes…) Noooooooo of course not.
AO: Oh sure looks she’s blushing, she’s blushing.
Me thinking: Perhaps a boy is on my mind? Nah that’s stupid it can’t be that boy.
ISO: Sure….
Me: Well maybe a fraction of it? But mostly because of friends.
AO: Sure your turning red.
Me: I turn red easily. (Awkward silence)
ISO: You look nice in brown.
I just happened to be wearing a lot of brown on Thursday.
Me: Oh thank you my friend Amy says brown is my colour.
ISO: Oh look were all wearing brown today. It’s a brown day.
Me: Yes….
ISO: I have brown sandals and she (points to Admissions Officer) is wearing a brown too.
Me: Well I like red…?
ISO: Don’t wear red or that boy you like will run away from you.
Me: Oh well I don’t wear red I just like it. I am no scarlet woman.
ISO & AO: Laughs.

Right so I guess my grandparents are not the only ones to assume my wanting to stay in Australia is because of romance. Officer Octogenarian most likely doesn’t even know I exist. EXIST! Why would I go through all this trouble just to stay for him? Would I stay for a friends engagement party? Yes, yes and yes! To hang out with long lost friends from Sydney and Canberra in December? Heck Yes! Staying because of some boy I like? Most likely not?

A lot of my friends back in Canada are sad that I am not coming back. I don’t have the heart to tell some of them that I am planning on staying forever. FOREVER! Although, I do plan to come back and visit.

P.S. My grandma wants to know how I missed out on two courses….

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Tohou Lidia said...

Melissa! You don't know how happy I am that you are staying! I don't actually think it actually sunk into my mind that it was a big possibility you would have been leaving! I guess I just wanted to have that sort of reaction that you wrote about when I went to Canberra - wanting to be happy for you rather than being selfish that you might have moved so far away ;)

Hahaha - that student services meeting sounded funny! Hahaha - but I still agree - brown is your colour. Although red is nice too - but i think you suit brown best ;)

I seriously can't wait for December! It's going to be amazing! I'm currently uploading a video i made today and will put it on my myspace or blog for you to squiz at!

Luv Amy