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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Which is funnier A: Finbarpurpleton or B: FERGUS! or C: Bigfoots Chest hair!

Just like Chris I found a name that makes me laugh or at least amuses me. It’s FINBARPURPLETON, I was writing my story when the name suddenly came to me. It made me laugh, but then again it’s not as funny as the name FERGUS! And just like that name it is also a dastardly unspeakable name.

This has inspired a Carol story, which I did say I was never writing again, but anyways.

Melissa: What do you think of the name Finbarpurpleton? It makes me laugh myself silly.
Carol: What are you a child?
Melissa: No…oh OK what about the name Fergus! My friend Chris seems to think it is pretty funny.
Carol: Oh that’s right you’re a weird NERDY retarded weird girl. Because you keep asking nerdy retarded questions and making up stupid names.
Melissa: Yeah well at least I have an imagination…and you’re FAT!
Carol: I hate you. (punches Melissa in the face) I thought you said you weren’t going to write mean stories about me anymore.
Melissa: Owwwwwwweeeeee! I was just stating a fact its nothing to get violent over and well ummm…you inspire me because you’re fat.
Carol: Nooo facts can’t be stated they can only be stored like fat….like my fat.
Melissa: (sighs) My Face hurts.
Carol: My fat hurts.

And Chapter 12 of my story is now up. You can read it here if you’re so inclined to do so.

Today after six days of doing nothing at all because lets face it I am lazy I had work. It was surprisingly busy. The kitchen was a mess…it was blissful chaos. It reminded me of what real restaurant should be like. For the first hour all I think I saw was rice. I made three 20 litre containers of rice, then a plethora of dishes and soon after I made 30 rolls of sushi for a catering function and the twilight markets. I like working were I work, the pay is decent and the staff are cool.

Unfortunately, I have to look for a new job because they haven’t been giving me hours…it seems the only way to get a decent amount of hours is to be either A. 14 years old or B. Korean or ethnic like. The last remark was not meant as a prejudice remark as I was just stating a fact. I mean it’s not my fault they want cheap labour and an authentic ethnic feel about their restaurant. So now the job hunt begins….

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