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Monday, December 04, 2006

I've been everywhere, from east to west to down under!

I have come to the conclusion that I really don’t have a home town, but I have learnt that it’s not the place that is home it’s the family.

Here is a list of places that I have lived and still has importance to me. These are all the places I’ve uncoolified, due to my presence. Ha ha just kidding. So far I have lived in Eastern Canada, Western Canada and Australia.

Nanaimo B.C. : I was born here…It’s a nice city on Vancouver Island. I don’t remember much but I do remember buying a bouncy ball from a pharmacy near my home. It got deflated and I had to keep pestering my mom to buy me a new one.

The Hazeltons B.C.: The Hazeltons you ask? It’s merely more than one town. There are Old Hazelton, New Hazelton, and South Hazelton. The Hazeltons are a logging community in Northern British Columbia. It was a some what thriving community until they shut the mill down. Now it is slowly becoming a ghost town. I consider it special because my brother was born in New Hazelton. Also there is heaps of family living there so even though we moved we did have a good reason to come back to visit. The scenery is beautiful. Majestic mountains and wildlife were common scenes, but it has the life of small town.

Cashe Creek B.C.: One of Grandmas lives there. It a small town too, right on the Trans Canada Highway, so there were a lot of tourists and people passing through on their way to Vancouver. There was nothing interesting about this place and if you wanted to go see a movie it was an hour and half away.

Ashcroft B.C.: This place was in the close vicinity of Cashe Creek. Its pretty much the same because it is also a small town. It is also very hot in summer because it was decided to locate it in a hot valley. The only thing interesting here is watching the tumbleweeds blow by and seeing the somewhat historic buildings. Apparently they have filmed a lot of movies here because of its location.

Pictou N.S.: My British Grandma lives here. It is situated in Eastern Canada of more correctly The Maritimes. The claim to fame? Perhaps the ship Hector which brought over Scottish settlers. Nova Scotia was on of the first provinces to become Canada and it’s a tourist hotspot, which means a lot of Americans

New Glasgow N.S.: Oddly enough close to Pictou. What can I say it’s pretty much the same except slightly bigger. Its interesting to note that my Mom was born here. It is also a tourist destination. However people in Eastern Canada are a lot friendlier.

Lethbridge A.B.: I lived here for a majority of my teenage life…actually I spent all of my teenage years there. Lethbridge is an OK city. I used to hate it but now that I haven’t been there in 10 months I really miss it. I went to high school and college here. Places of interest, that are a definite attractions are The Downtown Post Office, Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens, High Level Bridge, Sir Alexander Galt Museum, Indian Battle Park and Fort Whoop Up. Its actually a pretty cool place to visit if you can stand dorks calling it L.A., the brutally cold winters, although those don’t last long due to Chinooks, then there of course humid and hot summers, yes summer, the 100 km winds, and the onslaught of American Christmas shoppers who come every year because of its proximity to the American border.

Rockhampton Australia: I think I write about my experiences in this blog enough that it does not warrant a detailed description.

Note: B.C. means British Columbia, N.S. means Nova Scotia and A.B. means Alberta. All three are provinces in Canada.

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