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Saturday, December 16, 2006

What a stupid name!

From reading previous stories I have written lately. I can sense that I am on some sort of science fiction like kick. Lately I am obsessed with two particular planets with in the solar system, Neptune and Uranus.

The science fiction like ramblings can be found here

Now I have come to this conclusion Uranus is a stupid name for a planet. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Venus, Mars, Mercury, all cool names, Uranus, plain stupid! They should have stuck to the original name suggested for it.

It was first named Georgium Sidus. It means Star of George, named in honour of King George III by it’s discover in 1781 Sir William Herschel, but no they just had to give it the name, which is now subjected to ridiculous jokes. I suppose it’s because they had to be in theme with the whole Greek and Roman mythology theme, which makes sense but still, Uranus?
This odd name brings up memories from high school when we were studying astronomy. We each had to pick a planet to do a presentation on. No one wanted to pick Uranus, including me. I picked Neptune. The student, who was stuck with Uranus, was subject to humiliation. I remember the science teacher saying how cool the planet was and how it’s pronounced your-ran-us and not your anus.

Uranus also reminds me of Futurama, in a particular episode Fry is using Professor Farnsworth’s smellascope, an instrument used to smell heavenly bodies, in which Saturn smells like strawberries. Anyways Fry excitedly asks if he can smell Uranus. Professor Farnsworth then answers his query by saying the name of the planet has been changed due to the jokes surrounding it. The new name? Urectum. Quite the change indeed! Coincidentally Fry comes across a big giant ball of 20th century garbage, which threatens to destroy New New York, but enough about that.

Uranus is a unique planet in my opinion it spins on its side, has 21 confirmed moons, some them named by famous characters in written works by playwright William Shakespeare and poet Alexander Pope and it has a vast ocean, which is extremely hot, it temperature reaching 6650°C.

And its because of this fascination with planets I wonder why I became a writer and not an astronomer like I intended to in the first place.

And now some sad news…Wild Will is now being retired…the last story ever has been written about him. Here….warning its mean…It was half written when I was mad at someone and half written when I no longer was…you’ll know who once you read it.

And now some happy news…after some talk and deliberation…Wild Will has come out of retirement one the basis that will be no more stories about the A.E.S.M.

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