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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Returning to my love

It feels good to be back! By that I mean behind my computer or with my notebook, with words again. I think I abandoned them, but it really isn’t possible because I use words every day, I think this applies to everyone.

A friend Sam-Lady (whom I haven’t written about in a while. She was a flatmate from which seems like eons ago who was harassed by a fire breathing rat-faced poo-head named Elise-Woman! Rah! Yes, yes, yes, I am using the mean words again but if you ever met her and got on this persons bad side…) said to me three words.

“You should write!”

I agree. I should but I don’t. It occurred to me I haven’t written a proper story for about four years. I have all these ideas swimming around in my head, I write them down but I don’t take it to the level the counts. I don’t turn it into what the idea is supposed to be, a story. Not to mention I haven’t been writing so processing my thoughts has gone down hill. A friend at work, I’ll call her Chip (because she is so chipper :P) even noticed I wasn’t myself, wondering if perhaps I am letting my new job get to me. On the contrary I find it very amusing. (More on that in a minute) The thing is I haven’t been writing and it’s depressing me. I forced myself to write some of my story Fizzy Lemonade, the sequel to Song of the Superheroes (which I started almost 3 years ago). I had the joy in my heart that I hadn’t felt in donkey’s ages. I have troubles concentrating like I used too but I tried.

People fascinate me I see some people around town that I could base characters off. For instance:

The morbidly obese guy who rides the bus: He takes up a whole row of seats. He has dirty blonde hair which looks like it hasn’t been washed in months; a scruffy beard, has a cane with a skull on it and is always wearing a leather jacket. Yesterday I saw him wearing a black velour cape. He could be a bus pirate. :P

Then there is the adorable tiny Asian woman: who coincidentally rides the bus too. She wears her pants practically up to her arm pits with bright pink socks. She like me always has her back pack. It’s forest green. It looks so heavy that it might send her flying backwards if she wasn’t holding on to something.

I should write more often, enough said.

Chapter 10 of Fizzy Lemonade is ready to read too. :)

P.S. I made orange flavoured sugar cookies and I grated the knuckle of my thumb whilst collecting orange zest only to find out my roommate was allergic to oranges.

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Tristopher said...

When one is a writer, one should treat eccentrics, sightings of whom are regular and always distanced, as a privilege.