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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Ultimate Designer!

God to me is the ultimate designer, a writer an artist, a scientist, an enigma.

He is the author of creation.

His words are more powerful then man, transcending generations.

Love everlasting beyond all comprehension

The holder of salvation

Like any great artist or novelist the world to Him was once like a blank piece of paper

Darkness waiting for light

Waiting for His words, His art, His wisdom

And with these talents He brought life.

All creation hand crafted

Our very image is reflected in Him.

An author knows all about their characters and who they are meant to be.

God knows everyone and who they will become!

Everywhere at once and with everyone at all times.

Intimately involved in there lives whether they admit it or not.

Those who know him long to know Him more,

The celebrate the truth of there being

A life with meaning, with out darkness

Whilst other refuse to acknowledge Him,

Hidden in the dark, never seeing the beauty of light

Refusing to see his signature inscribed on us, in the world we live.

Yet, nothing happens by chance,

Only fools say in there words and in there hearts God does not exist.


God is the author of creation and salvation.

Our existence is absurd with out Him

P.S. It’s a poem I wrote for church service this Sunday, but the Pit-bull made me work. :( So I missed the reading of it.

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