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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bad attitude?!

Sorry for the absence…I have been busy. I tired, brought on by two jobs, a nagging mother, demanding dogs, crazy cats and a brother who is obsessed with Harry Potter.

So I will take this opportunity to let off some frustration.

Let’s see I think at both jobs I successfully made a tool out of myself…

Firstly by getting annoyed at another bitchy cashier who I am convinced is an entire twat now!

Another day at the express lane I am confined to the brig with Twinkly Eyed Twinkle Twat, (cashier) customers approach, 2001 A Space Odyssey plays just for dramatic effect…Star Trek Lady awaits direction from the cashiers…

Me: (jokingly) Hey did you want the customers!

Cashier: (pushes the queuing button, then grumbly bitchy like) I don’t see you working why should I?

Star Trek – Lady: Please proceed to register…

Me thinking: wtf!

Me: (just to prove I do work too) I’ll help bag!

Cashier: (scan, scan, scan completely ignoring me,) THEY WANT THEIR MILK IN A BAG! (throws bags at me!)

Me thinking: Fuck you too!

Me: No problem

Customer: Oh thank you so much for helping us bag

Me: No problem it comes with the job I am working! Oh I help the next person over at my till here!

Cashier: (glares)

Me thinking: Bitch!

Later on…

Me: (Observing Twinkie talking to another cashier. I push the button.)

Star Trek – Lady: Please proceed to register…

Me: (loudly but since my voice is so soft I was not heard, which is a good thing.)I guess I am working now, so should you!

Cashier: (ignores me)

Customers: Uh….

Me: She accused me of not working I am making a point!

Customers: Good for you.

Me: It has really fired me up some, please don’t think I am mad at you.

Customers: No problem…you always doing a good job when we come through your till.

Me: Exactly she is just being a twat!

Customers: (laughs.) You go girl!

Me: So!

I ummm repeated this for over half my shift…I went into a dastardly tirade. As well as avoiding contact with the evil fiend.

Then at job number two:

I could not pick up the pace. It was my only fourth shift and I am pokey ass slow! It was implied if I didn’t get faster soon, then I was doomed. DOOMED! I think I am just doomed period.

Then during dinner rush, (when all the fatties rock in for some greasy grub) I got fed up with a cocky 16 year old boy bossing me around and talking to me like I knew fuck all. I said so…except I got his age wrong by two years…oh poor him. He was less annoying after that. I did apologise if I came across the wrong way and that I was joking.

I hate people lately…they just piss me off…this doesn’t include supervisors at both jobs making me feel like a tool either or my mom’s friend Erica crying when I say something the wrong way, then Hev-Lady rubs it in.

Life is good. It just my attitude with is stupid! Therefore I think life is stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid!


P.S. I bought Tony Harry Potter 6 computer game he nearly broke my ear drums when I told him the news. He seems to be one individual I don’t want to punch in the face lately.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like this other cashier should get the stick out of her butt and learn to have some respect. I don't blame you one bit for being angry. She definitely sounds like a "twat". Don't let her get to you too much though, or the people at your other job. You're probably doing a wonderful job and people are just unhappy with their own lives and take it out on others to try to make themselves feel better. Show them that this isn't the kindergarten sandbox anymore and that they can't walk all over you! You go, girl. Keep standing your ground and keep your chin up.

Christopher said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Melissaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

Twinkly Eyed Twinkle Twat (which I first read as Twinkly Eyed Twinkie Twat and will now refer to as TETT) doesn't sound like the most professional employee. She should get a transfer to an aquarium or a garbage barge or somewhere like that where she can throw bags and annoy only herself. The customers sounded nice though. Thank god for regulars!

I know what you mean about people, I hate them too, all people great and small... just now we discovered that someone's dumped a big bag of porn tapes in front of our house. Before that someone dumped a bag of random crap and before that, worst of all, a pair of inebriate invalid incompoops tried to steal our cat. :-( Sad face. Hateful people appear to exist in many places. People who aren't even worthy of the word 'jackass'.

PS: I want to write you a lengthy private message soon. I read your post about mormonism and found it intriguing and moving. :->

C or T