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Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's been a strange week.

So the special needs friend Erica whom I was under the impression was semi-moving in to take care of her cat was in fact permanently moving in, which means that I may or may not needed to move out as well.

Therefore, I live in the Ned Flanders version of Noah’s Ark two of each animal (cat and dog) but both males so there won’t be any hanky-panky. And for an added twist there is an extra cat also male. Not to mention my dog Sydney is somewhat sexually confused. He kept trying to hump my mom’s kitten Chaz and he has for some reason been giving favours to Charley by licking his balls and he likes to chase Ozzy (The new cat and pet of my friend). Both kittens and the cat now avoid him...I wonder why. If this were Bamboozle I could see the news headlines now.

Sexually Confused Shi Tzu – Terrier Ousted From Home For Unsavoury Relations With Cats.


Dog loves cat: Sames sex, different species has friends confused

However, to be more confusing last night my friend changes her mind as she was bullied into staying where she is now by her neighbours, leaving Hev-Lady looking like the bad guy when all she was trying to do was help. Now my mother feels defeated, thinking evil has won, telling me this as her eyes were full of tears. She was and still is truly heartbroken. This friend is like a sister to her. Yes she should have asked me first if it was OK, but her intentions were honourable. How would you feel if a whale of a woman intent on picking a fight shows up whilst you are helping your friend who is ecstatic about the move and accuses you of saying not so nice things behind her back which you never did as your daughter witnessed you several times saying we should not be talking about this person and then proceed to see your friend coerced into changing her mind, distraught in thick sobbing tears.

Then if that wasn’t bad enough the previously mentioned whale’s mother comes over to defend her precious calf and accuses you of causing trouble? The mother whale of all scariness mistook me for Hev-Lady and was attempting to tear into me and was intent on walking in on my mother whilst she was in the bathroom doing personal like business. I tried sending GO AWAY I HATE YOU vibes but I guess they weren’t strong enough to reach four people of the trailer trash variety. Where was Japan or a decent harpoon gun when Hev-Lady and I needed one? By that I mean the power to defend our friend not sent out into the black dark streets in shame, having witnessed a very surreal Jerry Springer moment. (Trust me these people could totally be on that show). Now I am unsure if I am still moving out as Hev-Lady has no roommate and temporarily stuck with her smelly cat, but I am more concerned for my friend and am now left with the shame of feeling resentful while she was temporarily with us. I don’t even know if I will see Erica again. :( I just pray she can make a decision based on what she wants to do not what the other people or my mom wants.

P.S. I am almost done Chapter 6 of Fizzy Lemonade.

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