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Sunday, May 10, 2009

You’re a book!

Because today was Mothers Day, I wanted to show her I care. My mom (Hev-Lady) has had a recent surge of reading I decided the best way was to write her a small short story, to coincide with the bookmark I made her. My mom and I have our differences and we clash on more or one occasion, but I still appreciate her despite our issues. After all it is Mothers Day. And what better way to show this than to write, something she encouraged me to do through out the years.

So here is it. Staring no other than Hev-Lady and Ashleigh McGlonagkic complete with an inside joke. I have been attempting since I’ve gotten back from Australia to teach her word play insults. If that’s what you call them? She is slowly getting the hang of it.

You’re a book!
“I’m going to read a book,” says Hev-Lady, resting comfortably on the living room couch, entitled to rest it being Mother’s Day and all.
“You’re a book,” Ashleigh replies automatically. Hev-Lady’s sighs echoes through out the small house.
“Then why don’t you read me then?” Hev-Lady questions. “If I am a book as you say.”
“You’re hard to read,” Ashleigh says, “one of a kind, like any book. That’s why for Mothers Day I am giving you a bookmark to read other books.”
“You’re a bookmark,” Hev-Lady says. “Did I say it right?”
“Yes mom,” says Ashleigh. “Then I say...’I’ll mark your book,’ to which you reply?”
“You’re face is?”
“No! “I’ll book you’re mark,” Ashleigh sighs exasperated from trying to teach her mother word games all day. “But seriously I made you a book mark.”
“It looks thrown together,” Hev-Lady replies, still happy about the present mind you.
“I kind of procrastinated,” Ashleigh admits. “But it has flowers on it. You like flowers!”
“It has scribbled flowers all over it,” says Hev-Lady. “But I like it just the same.”
“You’re scribbled flowers,” Ashleigh retorts. “I’d had limited resources and time.”
“Enough of that now,” says Hev-Lady. “Let me read. The bookmark will still serve its purpose.”

P.S. Mom liked it!
14 out of 100 entries :S 86 more to go!

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