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Friday, May 08, 2009

Deep thinking...?

I can’t wait to see the new Star Trek. I am so excited to see it. I thought it was kind of funny that some of the purists don't like the new film because it doesn't stay true to the original cannon. I prefer to think of it as a different interpretation of Gene Roddenberrys vision. It’s a different take on the original cannon so to speak. I am looking forward to the newer look. I believe William Shatner said to the die hard trekkies or trekkers or whatever the hell they are called "to get a life." I can understand why maybe the purists to the original series may not like the new version. Maybe it’s like some people when they make a book into a movie. If I see the movie version I hardly ever leave satisfied. I'll always love the book version no matter what and it irritates me what Hollywood does to my idea of story. If they ever made a movie version of Thursday Next series, I'd probably cause a riot. Characters are foremost belong to the author, but they can also belong to the readers or viewers in the case of Star Trek in a different way. They are peoples heroes they love the story that the author created so much any tampering or changing in there opinion maybe considered a downright assault or attack on their imagination and there emotional connections to the character and the story.

It kind of reminds me of Roland Barthes and his idea that there are no authors only readers and the author is the first reader. So the author created the characters and story and sees it one way, but different individuals would see it differently than the next individual. So could Hollywood merely just be another reader and putting a different text out there to be interpreted by more readers, to the point that the meaning and the original meaning of it is endlessly deferred. Like Jacques Derrida’s example of how meaning is endlessly deferred and compared it to the dictionary, that there is no same meaning for the same thing. So the story or the text the author started out with is totally different than what he or she intended. Does this mean there is no such thing as creative enterprise if not seen how it’s intended and is there a such a thing as an original idea? Is there an author? Is there only creative readers?

Case in point I am ultimately putting to much thought into this subject again. Of course all of this is purely my opinion. I digress, I like Star Trek, but I am not obsessed and if I look at it as a different interpretation of the idea then it doesn't bother me too much, because I to am a reader and different than all the others readers out there in my views and interpretations of books as well as a Star Trek.

I almost got hit by a car last night. It was so close I could feel the front tire right by my foot! The groceries I had in my bag were damaged. A box of granola bars were dented right in and my bread was flattened into an unspeakable mass. It was a close call and I got me thinking what if? It was the scariest thing I've had happen in my life, including the time when I was eight and I was electrocuted by my great grandfather’s night light that he gave me. It's safe to say I've had two near death experiences now. It's kind of creepy. It makes me wonder if there is a set time for everyone to enter the world and then to leave it. I hope I leave peacefully and that I am content with how I lived my life when it happens, but I think everyone wants that. I don't think we have a choice in the matter sadly. Much like the act of reading and everyone’s different interpretations and views on it. I have no choice how people will read my work and I have no choice about when I die, but at least being a writer I leave myself and my words behind for others to read and interpret. Funny how I bring a near death experience back to reading and writing, maybe it’s because it’s a BIG part of my life. It’s what I do and enjoy whilst I am living.

Again…thinking about things way to deeply again.

P.S. I write at work, but not for work so I am technically being paid to write, but merely for my own amusement. :P

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