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Monday, November 24, 2008

Centre of my Universe

Fine I admit I have been gone a long time, but what is it to you?

I haven’t had the initiative to write for anyone but myself, things I don’t feel like sharing. I mean I have been writing, just not on my blog because a lot of the things I want to write about lately is about things that are bothering me and I am not sure a public space is where it belongs. To who it is directed too needs to hear it, but it probably won’t happen yet till my “backbone” grows back or the timing is right.


Work could be used as a valid excuse for this absence as well. Saturday was terribly busy. Especially now that the dreaded Christmas season is upon me. I hate the Christmas season. Not the actual holiday for what its stands for, but the business side of it. They should call it Commercial-Christmas. It would be entirely more fitting. It’s a bunch of crap. Non stop money driven, who cares about what it was all about in the first place type holiday! It was the same thing at Big W too. What good will towards others? Giving because you truly want too, not because some holiday out of the year has been designated to do so? All I see is a bunch of impatient people buying presents to give to those they love (I do give them credit for that), with money, which lets face it they probably DON’T have and treating people where I work(ed) like crap because they are all stressed out. Oh poor them.

To that I say Christmas? CHRISTMAS?! BUHUMBUG! Rah! Yes I am turning into a scrooge.

I can see it now I become the scrooge of retail and on Christmas Eve I’ll be visited by three retail Christmas shopping ghosts. The ghost of Christmas shopping past sales records, the ghost of Christmas customer service present and The ghost of Christmas preparing you for Christmas shopping future/ Boxing Day of all insanity.

Anyways, I am thinking of either

A: Making Christmas presents.
B: Buying presents online
C: Buying gift cards and letting them deal with it!
D: All of the above.

This Christmas will hopefully be less lonely because it’s the first one I’ve had with them in 3 years. I had my friends and all but it just wasn’t the same. I don’t really care if I get presents this year. I’m happy just spending time with family and with the many misfits my mom has apparently invited. So far on her list 2 pregnant old lady men, one of which, who doesn’t like people doing the laundry in the laundry room provided for the residents of this complex, another a friendly p.o.l.m. who wears a red hat and thinks that everyone are slaves to rich people. Then two other older ladies one of them a next door neighbour downstairs named, who bangs on the floor downstairs frequently and coming up to tell us to turn down music that isn’t playing in our place, but next door. The other is a nice lady at the bus stop whose who has arthritis in her hands and keeps asking if there are apartments for rent where I live. Then of course mom’s special needs friend, a fifteen year old girl trapped inside a 50 year olds body, who is entirely draining, but has a good heart. Now that’s Christmas, putting aside differences and reaching out to others who are either a pain in the ass or people you frequently talk too on the bus.

So what else have I been up too since….over a month!

Not much,


Readings some books



Ignoring my writing

Mom and Tony

The occasional story idea, that I forget to write down. Curse me!

Mom and Tony

Sydney, he is so cute!

Mom and Tony

Sydney, all he wants to do is play with me.

Mom and Tony

Mom and Tony

Mom and Tony

I sprained my pinkie finger!

Mom and Tony

Mom and Tony

Mom and Tony

I burned myself with soup one night in an unmentionable place. It really hurt.

Mom and Tony

Mom and Tony

Mom and Tony

Mom and Tony


And finally…

Mom and Tony…who knew?

My centre of my universe has become seriously out of whack.

It used to be writing, friends the reading of and occasional good book, university and unfortunately my financial and personal woes, which I dumped unnecessarily on people and I apologise if I did. I never realised how annoying it is.

This whole idea of the centre of the universe came about during a discussion with one of my moms friends. She believes everyone has one. And it is something so important to the individual that it truly shows. Strangely it feels as if everyone in my family including my dog seems to believe whether unintentionally or intentionally, in the case of Sydney I am probably understandably the centre or his universe; that I cater to their universal centres. Something I find entirely frustrating. I just want someone not in there universe to add to mine, that I can talk too in person whilst I am in this dastardly transition period. I know I have friends, but they are so far away.

Anyways I am sorry I have been gone so long, but now I hope I am back to the blogging world more regularly again.

P.S. Tony has frequently taken over my computer!


Princess Jo said...

Hello, hello and welcome back...

Well, I hope Christmas will be fun and full of good things for you. (And I agree it's too commercial)

I know how easy you let things get under your skin, but you HAVE to stand up for yourself honey. I think sometimes, you are your own worst enemy. You hold things in, and then suddenly realise you have a backbone and whoooosh! Wham, bam! Someone is knocked out for six. Ummm, not always the best way to deal with things: I find talking about things when they are minute annoyances always gets a better result. Honesty is the best policy...

In saying that, I admire your patience...Eeek: something I am not capable of. But do remember, there is a time to stay quiet and a moment to speak up (preferably before exploding into a bright, flashing Melissa)...

Girl, you are one of the bravest women I know: you had the guts to leave your country and live in another for 3+ years. That shows me you do have a backbone, that you are strong. You have wonderful talents, in many fields. You are smart, and caring...

KEEP POSITIVE! We love you lots...!

Jo and Justin

Doctor Dark said...

Welcome back to the Land of Blog, Melissaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Heh, I'm sorry if I was pushy with my catch cry of 'date up date up date up date up now now now now' :-P but I was successful, wasn't I?

Christmas is a weird period. I personally feel weird during Christmas now because I wonder, 'why do I suddenly have to go present hunting in December? Should I have taken care of all this during the year? Surely that would've been the financially sensible option at the very least'. I am looking for a present for my mum at the moment and are having GREAT DIFFICULTY. GREAT DIFFICULTY! Mainly because the book I was hoping to get her is out of print. But it's nice to hear you're looking forward to Christmas with the fam and the various pregnant old lady men who are apparently also on the guest list.

I think I can empathize with you with regard to the awkward transitional period. I think I'm in one of those too. :-/ And the center of the universe thing you mention sounds like something I've been wrestling with for the past couple of months. And yes, it is annoying when people act as though you were created specifically to be a supporting character in their entire drama, most of which is probably uncalled for and can be solved very simply. :-P

So, um, yes.