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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pictures and my puppy wuppy.

Hello world of possible readers and friends,

I kept wondering where I would get pictures of my cute little puppy and then it occurred to me mom took pictures. Therefore I have a few to show thanks to my mom’s magical happy fun camera.

Me at the community garden in July.


A picture Tony took. I thought it was cool.

Sydney and Weiser (mom's dog)

Tony and Sydney
The past few days have been entirely strange and stressful.

First off I found out my brother has been diagnosed with severe scoliosis, which is the curving of the spine. It’s not good.

Then I had a debunkle with Wal-Mart and McDonalds, which I think I have explained to death!
Good old Sydney. What is there to say about him? He is annoying. He loves socks and underwear, so much in fact my mom was carrying a pair to the laundry basket and he attempted to steal her underwear from her hands. He constantly nips at poor Wieser’s heals, but Wieser is too nice to do anything except the occasional passive aggressive snarl. Sydney also chewed up a library book. (I guess he doesn’t like Douglas Adams.) Then he got into my purse and chewed up my watch strap. The only thing that keeps Sydney out of trouble is the fact that he is cute and it’s hard to stay mad at him and he inspired a character in Fizzy Lemonade, who also uses his cuteness as a scapegoat. In fact the character is so cute he becomes Officer Octogenarian’s rival in a contest to find the most beautiful cutest sentient being in the universe. I hope to have a new chapter of Fizzy Lemonade up soon by the way.
I will write more when I can think of something more productive to mention.
P.S. My dog ate a bunch of my cough candies.


Doctor Dark said...

Sydney doesn't like Douglas Adams? Uh oh, are you two really going to be able to have a life together? Then again to be fair, you don't like chewing socks, so it evens out.

It are interesting seeing pictures of you back in Canadia. The one of Tony's eye reminds me of that story of the boy who can manipulate the entire world by thinking things. You know the one? They did it on Treehouse of Horror on "The Simpsons" once and Bart turned Homer into a jack in the box.

Sydney is are cute. So is are Weiser. I can kind of see what Sydney would want to manhump him. :-P How is life at Wal Mart?

Lidia said...

Your dog is so cute! I really want a pet but unfortunately that will be a while off, until I get my own place :-(

I hope your brother is ok - that's sad news :-(

Princess Jo said...

Hi you,

Oh the dog is gorgeous!

Loved the photos!

And I am so sorry about missing your b'day: hugs 'n' kisses and good thoughts being sent your way!

Sorry about your brother...Spinal problems are sooo bad...and well, painful!

Miss you like crazy!
Love, Jo