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Monday, September 22, 2008

3 things (and then some) that have happened since my last entry...

The number 3 has been popping up a lot lately.

I have 3 best friends…I am not naming names…

I’ve crashed on 3 different couches.

I was hired by 3 places whilst in Lethbridge.

I lost my dog 3 years ago and now I have a new one.
Things have definitely changed in many more ways since I’ve come back to Canada.

I turned on the Price is Right the other day and instead of Bob Barker, like I was expecting it was Drew Carey. I kept thinking “what the f*&^@ happened to Bob Barker?” Go figure he retired after 35 years in 2007. Where was I when this all happened? Oh right I was in Australia.


I miss it a lot.
I miss Bob Barker. I used to watch him when I came home from school for lunch when I was in grade five. Sometimes I’d feign being sick so I could watch the second half. Strange I know. I wanted to see who one the grand prize. I have no idea why but I really liked the show.

Things have been going OK now, despite the fact that I am without a room. I am sleeping on the couch. I am the mercy of my mom’s night owlness. She doesn’t go to bed and she sits there till 12 a.m. or a later peeling onions, chopping onions, chopping potatoes, carrots… the list goes on. She is either dehydrating or canning the vegetables from her garden. I think she has done quite well. The house smells of onions mind you and so does the couch, but I live with it. It’s my own fault. You see when I ran away to Lethrbridge. My mom gave the second bedroom back to Tony, now I would feel bad if I kicked him out again. So for now I am couch bound until I find my own place or my mom changes her mind. The second may be happening you never know. Although I am not sure I want the room it smells like dehydrated onions and dog pee. The dang dogs go where ever they want and they have this doggy like fascination with my brother’s room. Sydney my dog is getting better slowly and my mom used vinegar to get some of the smell out.

I have been in a grouchy mood. I guess it’s a bit better than the previous feeling of depression. I really don’t like working in fast food. I had the opportunity to get away from it but because of 50 cents difference in pay. I screwed it up. I still feel bad about that.

So I wonder did I ever like working at McDonalds beforehand? I seem to really hate it now. Here is some evidence of my distain…

“Today was a good day. I am finally done with McDonalds. I
slacked off too. This is the last time I have to hear a manager rag on me to do
something. Usually I do something after all I am paid too but, it was my last
day and all I kind of just felt like it.
Manager: "Melissa find someting to do." or "I am sure there is lots to do"

Me: "OK." *continues to do nothing.* Talks to crew member also doing nothing, but not getting in trouble. Grr.. the irony eh?
Me thinking: What are they going to do fire me. Ha ha.
It feels weird. Today will be the last day I have to put
breakfast parts away, sit in drive thru and sadly the last time I will see my
friends. No more till, no more angry customers, I am glad to be gone. This is my
last fast food job I want out of the

- February 15, 2006

Oh wells I might not have to be there much longer. I just got hired at Wal-Mart. It is pretty much the equivalent of Big-W with a bit of Woolworths jammed into it as they have some grocery items. Is this weird I miss working at Big W? I won’t go into my opinions on the company. Amy probably knows what I think of it. Anyways, who cares it is a better job than nothing. Not that I am unhappy to be employed. It’s better than the luck I was having back in Australia. I also think it’s ironic because the Wal in Wal-Mart I think is sort of Walter. One of my characters is named Walter…I find that entirely coincidental.


I really miss it.

I think I already mentioned that, but I think that’s where some of my sadness is derived from. Not only that but my massive debts. The government is mad at me because I am behind in three payments. Yikes! I want to tell them go away I am will pay you but I have no money to do that at the moment. Now on top of this I am sick. I have a cold and then I found out I had a stomach virus of some kind. How annoying. I was told to take a couple of days off of work something I can’t afford to do.

Right now my dog Sydney is quite the character. He keeps trying to hump my leg. He goes after my underwear and bras. I think he has a lingerie fetish as well as a foot fetish. I swear he won’t leave my feet or anything related to feet alone. I constantly say “my feet are not your chew toy.” Mom says the same thing. Then not to long ago this cranky pre menopausal pregnant old lady woman accused Sydney of doing the dastardly deed of impregnating her ugly terrier because she has seen another black and white dog roaming around. Little does she know he is still too young to know what it is meant for, he is five months old so he is just coming into his puppy sexuality if that’s what you want to call it and he seems more interested in himself or boy dogs, particularly Hev-Lady’s dog Weiser. I am not saying he is that way, but I won’t be surprised if Nigel does an outing on him. Oh yes he doesn’t leave the house on his own…so I know he is innocent of all claims against him. I hope I have a picture I can put up soon.

I want to write more of Fizzy Lemonade…I always get inspired when every I walk the dog for some reason. However, I keep dreaming about killer robots who shot at people they interpret to hate robots or the government or something. I had this long complicated dreams twice now. I told my mom and she pretty much demanded that I write it down, but I don’t really care about the robot story right now. I am sure if it was indeed a dingmare I will continue to dream about them or the idea will come back to me when I am ready to flesh it out more. As I am writing this the robots have identified themselves as characters and are deeply offended I don’t want to write at story about them…perhaps I will write the synopsis of my dreams. Then come back to it.
I thought it would go with my intended theme of three by talking about three different things but I think it was 6 or 7 oh wells.

P.S. Carol is feeling a bit sad lately and I am not sure how to cheer her up…

P.S.S. I can’t wait for the massive road trip in August!

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Doctor Dark said...

It was a pleasant surprise when my blog informed me of your act of date up'ing. I'm hoping things have smoothed out a bit for you in Canadia since you've returned now. I'm sure Sydney is keeping you on your toes (pun intended) though, you'd better keep him under wraps until you discover his sexuality just in case Nigel gets wind. You should train him to hump the leg of that pregnant old lady woman and then say "see he only impregnated your dog to get to you!" :-P F***** would approve.

What's the plan residence wise?