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Sunday, March 16, 2008

My entirely rebellious entry.

Dear Readers of the hopefully intelligent universe,

I’ve decided that Fridays should be blogging days, for the mere fact that I keep forgetting to update, despite the random hints from friends. It’s been over three weeks since I’ve graced my presence and I apologise for the lack of updates. This opening paragraph explaining my lack of updates is becoming a frequent occurrence I might add.

Ironically this entry is being published on a Sunday, but I digress it did begin this on Friday. I also apologise that this entry is rather scrambled as they seem to be lately. It has no coherent pattern of any kind.

It’s during these three weeks or so with university and work I have discovered a lot about myself. In fact I have noticed a great change within myself the past few months. I’ve become a rebel. AN ENTIRE REBEL!

For starters, I think I might have quit Pixi Foto. I decided against my better judgement not to show up for a shift, or three hour staff meeting on Tuesday. So believing that one staff meetings aren’t typically three hours long and two, having better places to be. I decided they should keep their precious $18 per hour. My flatmate answered my phone and said I was sick, the manager may or may not have believed her if it weren’t for the fact that she’s a sadist and was laughing while describing my illness. Sooooo I am fired. I feel like I’ve turned into the employee I am not supposed to be. The End!

Secondly since I have been here in Australia I have started drinking. I was NEVER going to do that. I even made a pledge when I was nine before I understood what alcohol was. This might include other beliefs I made a pledge too before understanding them as well.

Thirdly, I have become even more confused when it comes to religious matters. I don’t know what I believe in anymore. It may have to do with the fact that I am studying journalism and all the stuff I have been learning at university. I am constantly questioning things. I think I am leaning towards humanism for some reason. I’ll write more about this another time.

I have also recently thought about dates April 18 and October 24. I keep dreaming about them and I feel they have some sort of significance, but I can’t figure it out. It could be that April 18th and October 24th are just a dates and random information that slipped into my consciousness?

I have the following theories:

I dreamt that on April 18 Chris and Amy went to London with out me and I felt left out and decided to go back to Canada.

April 18 is the day I met Officer Old, (whom now is also being referred to as the chemist.) However there is something wrong with this particular theory. I met him on the 20th of April. I only know this because I wrote about it comprehensively in my journal on the 21st. Journals are a wonderful archive of garbled ramblings that no one will ever read except me.

Then again April 18 could have something to do with London, Chris and Amy or perhaps my fate of whether or not I go home?

As for the dream about October 24 I dreamt about a photo album with lots of photographs. There were photos of my cousin, some unknown guy and I in the forest, presumably a national park and my old dogs Shelby and Heidi, which I compulsively started taking them out. The album was dated October 24. I suddenly realised I wanted to put the photos back, but they kept sliding everywhere. I then realised that some of the photos had blue tack so I used it to put it back together, including taking blue tack from photos still in the album.
I know that on October 24 I was interviewed for a job at Pixi Foto. Ironically when this date came to me in my dream I was looking at a photo album. I wonder if that is just coincidence though.

October 24 could also be the day I started thinking about song of the superheroes? Although I vaguely remember reading in my journal my beginning ideas on the 26th and of course I didn’t actually write the first chapter till the 31st. I still feel happy every time I read the beginning sentence “Sarah Evans has a very busy day ahead of her…” written in my big bubbly messy writing.

I have many other theories I thought of but I’ve forgotten. Case in point I am obsessed and I over analyse things too much.

Speaking of words, thinking about language and something the lecturer said. How “language speaks us.” We can’t have thoughts without language as we use words. It is language that constructs society and it is seen as the necessity for being.

P.S. I have a new flatmate which brings the flatmate total to 18! EIGHTEEN! She is pretty cool by the way.


Princess Jo said...

Hehe...yes who would have thought? Miss Melissa being a bigger rebel than I am?? Now that is shocking! Go girl....just don't get too carried away!


Lidia said...

I like your idea of a Friday blog day :-P Now I am going to make you stick to it! Haha - about the drinking. I never thought I would start either and now I'm going to quit cause I realize it is just not worth it! I seem to only do it on th eholidays anyway so oh well...

As for the religious matters, I'd be interested to know what you come up with and your journey along the way! As you know, i'm very interested in these things! I think it requires an ENTIRE entry :-P

I wonder what those dates mean? Sometimes I have completely weird things like that...I think there is some merit to them. Those dates don't really mean anything for me so unfortunately I can't help you! I know you'll figure it out though!

I love the first line of SOTSH as well :-P


Dog Face Lady Man said...

Hello Mel-Dog,

It is nice to see you have made one of your sporadic returns to the land of Blog. Don't worry, I'm really bad at date-up'ing. Amy will have to push again. :-P

Anyways, it is true, you are becoming an entire rebel on our asses. Skiving off meetings, having people laugh at your illnesses to your employer, getting evicted from bars due to the large amount of alcohol in your system and choosing not to follow a religion many of your family believes in (although I do think it was mean of Sue Woman to get sealed with Val Lady's kids), OH MY GOD. You are almost a full-fledged entire rebel. There is just one more thing you must do. You must start making sexy with several guys. I will help you by choosing them.

Also, it are funny that you dream of April 18 because Amy and I *will* be flying out on that day. :-P No, actually I'll have been in Rocky for one day on April 18. ONE DAY!! I hope Clubrok's on while I'm there.


PS: Do you have any candidates for sacriface?

PPS: statementofintent