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Saturday, February 10, 2007

What does Hev-Lady stand for...Thats easy...It stands for:

My goodness this last week has been interesting.

I went from feeling like I am stuck in a rut, questioning my future and feeling as if I was having nothing but bad luck.

The only highlight of the week was seeing the music video Fat by Weird Al. I swear it could be Philis’s theme song. I also wrote Chapter 38, the biggest chapter yet of my story. I even figured out an ending and a plot twist, even the ending, but that is to come later. I have officially written over 75,000 words now. But the best thing to happen all week is when I found out..
*Drum roll*
I am staying in Australia after all.

The questioning type dilemma that plagued me for two months is finally over.

Today I developed a new obsession. I really want to see Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, specifically, Strangers on a Train, Rear Window and North by Northwest. And it was all because of a documentary about Hitchcock on the ABC this afternoon. Something said on the documentary really stuck with me. They said when Hitchcock could no longer ‘act out his fantasies’ (making films) he essentially died. And then I thought what if I could no longer writer. What would happen to me? I have always been under the impression that some people have only one thing that defines them, something they truly love, but if its taken from them a big part of them dies. I think I am one of them.

On a bad note my mom was in the hospital last week. Unfortunately she is back there again.

Perhaps I should dedicate this entry to Hev-Lady, a.k.a. my mom. Its true she’s from Neptune, just like me, expect she’s not a droid from the planets inner core. Just kidding she’s from Canada and according to a wise observer Amy; she’s the coolest Canadian Mum ever. That comment was greatly appreciated.

My Mom! Back in Lethbridge before I came to Australia. Yes I took this picture!

Hev-Lady stands for:

Heroine that is
Dazzling in

How would I describe Hev? Or more appropriately Heather because that's her real name.

She isn’t quite conventional. I learnt adult stuff that should have waited till I was old enough to hear it.

When I was eight years old, in order to get over my fear of the dark or scary movies. She made me watch Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy’s Dead the Final Nightmare. She told me to laugh at it in order to not be afraid. Sadly it didn’t work completely. I wasn’t afraid of Freddy Kruger I could even watch the movie all by myself when I was 12, but I was still afraid of the dark. It was around this time I developed and irrational fear of toilets as well, due to watching Look Who's Talking Too, but that's another story.

Sometimes she makes me mad. When I was 17 she developed what I think is an unhealthy addiction to the computer. She would sit on it for hours playing games and talking to faceless, speechless people, called online friends. Its one of these reason I detest online games and when invited to play I often decline. There were times I wanted to rip the computer cord out of the wall and trash her entire computer.

She has a wacky dry sense of humour, which I inherited. What kind of mom would openly discuss the size of superman’s you know what on a boring road trip, saying he there is a reason spandex would be a problem, compare bails of hay in a farmers field to giant’s poo, laugh loudly during Godzilla and once while watching King Kong she remarked how the giant worms looked like giant penis’s.

She always helped me out, whether it was advice or some other odd problem. When I was 14 I decided my hair was ugly. I cut it, messing it up royally. Luckily mom was on the way, the only problem she was a bit drunk. Surprisingly she fixed my hair. It wasn’t uneven.

My mom doesn’t take crap from people who are prejudice towards my brother and is always trying to find a way to better a situation what ever it may be.

Hev has a hidden sadness. I see it in her eyes. I often wonder what it is. Things have happened through out the years I think could contribute to it, but there are others that happened before I was born or I was too young to remember.

I am thankful for my mom. She’s my hero. Not many moms could do what she has done and many don’t understand what it is really like for a single mom or growing up in a single parent family. I respect her for that. I turned out alright. She did a good job. Sure we had our differences but it all worked out.
P.S. Mrs. Bruce Willis Man is looking for Brown Dog if you seen him please click here. Oh sorry thats just a link to my story please read it. READ IT! READ IT! READ IT!


Tohou Lidia said...

OH my gosh Melissa! I swear you must be my twin soul. Today's entry i wrote a tribute to mothers - then you write a tribute to your mom! That's so darn weird. But very beautiful. I really really hope your mum gets better because i want to meet her and i want her to see all your successes! Yay your staying in Australia :) I'm so happy!
Luv Amy

Tohou Lidia said...

oh! I forgot to say...i don't think you'll ever lose writing - unless all the stationary in the world is destroyed by some new age movement or something...
Luv Amy

Mrs Bruce Willis Man said...

I are have lost my dog. Have you are seen him? I are miss him. I are forgot where I are last saw him.

Help me are find Brown Dog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tribute honey, I can't say that there are many kids in this world that would do that for there mother's no matter how much they mean to them.

To say the least I think I actually forgot some of your childhood memories and it was never my intention to make your fears worse.

We had a lot of good times and a lot of trying times but I can say this one thing that I was so blessed to have a daughter like you and that I love you more than anything.

Keep up the great work in your journalism and thanks for making me the proudest MOM ever.....aka HevLady

PS...please tell Mrs. Bruce Willis Man that there are a lot of brown dogs up over in Canada for her