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Sunday, February 18, 2007

I made it to a whole entire year!

Today is I’ve been in Australia for a year. AN ENTIRE YEAR! So much has happened.

This means I am Portuguese?

This is according to my good friends Chris and Kate who say I have graduated from Mexican. (I still have no idea where they got this one from) and now I am from Portugal, saying I still have to earn my right to be Canadian. In five years if I am still in Australia if pray tell I become an expatriate and no longer a Canuck. I will be considered an Australian. Go me!

Sometimes I go through phases where I am homesick and I don’t necessarily miss anything in particular. It’s during moments of homesick I reflect on things I miss.

Such as poutine, a fast food staple and much loved Canadian dish that is only found in Canada. And to the contrary it is not “American” as some people may have mentioned in the past.

And here is why. Poutine is a French Canadian dish invented in Warwick Quebec in 1957 consisting of French fries topped with fresh cheese curds and covered with hot gravy. Poutine with melted cheese, shredded cheese, or cheese slices is not regarded as "genuine" poutine.

For more interesting facts on this delicious dish….read here.

And here

Also here

And I also miss root beer a soft drink or as I call it pop. It is a dark beverage that comes in both alcoholic and non alcoholic forms. The soft drink version is generaly made from root beer extract or other flavored syrups along with carbonated water. Root beer is similar in taste to sarsaparilla, but can vary in taste between brands because a different variety of ingredients can be used. My favourite brands are Barq’s and A&W.

A common nickname I miss is Canuck… It is slang term meaning a Canadian. Some feel it’s an affectionate nickname and patriotic. And for some reason some think the term is only acceptable when said by a Canadian as it can be misinterpreted to be an ethnic slur particularly by Americans… Why is this? I have no idea. Since being in Australia I’ve been called a Canuck once. Don’t worry I don’t find it offensive if called one, unless you say I am from Soviet Canuckistan…then I will seriously punch you in the face.

Oh yes and I ummm….miss my family and ummmm….friends….

Oh yes! Please read my story! It’s a tad anticlimactic but it is being worked out. Oh and I apologize to Amy for being all nit picky about the lovely review she gave my story. I am sorry. I ARE DINKLE HEAD!

P.S. Good news Brown Dog are has been found. He are didn’t want to be finded and Lachlan are wants Lauren to give him BACK! The end!

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Tohou Lidia said...

Hey Melissa!
Surprisingly, the picture of poutine doesn't look as appetizing as the way you described it :) But i'm sure it's absolutley delicious!
For some reason - Cunuck- sounds like such a derogaratorive (i didn't spell that right i know it) word - but i'm probably just attributing it to "Kanaka" - which is a derogarative word for the South Sea Islanders in Queensland. I can't believe you've been here for a year :) YAY! You are officially portugese!
Luv Amy