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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I am drowning in all my self pity.

Yesterday was a good day. I went to the beach with my friends. But it turned sad when I found out my flatmate Kristine is leaving on Saturday. She is the coolest flatmate I have had.

I was also a crabby cow yesterday, I would have been better off hiding in a deep dark hole and not coming out until my mood had improved.

I am also selfish when it comes to sunscreen. I had this real paranoia that I am going to run out of it and be all burnt like I was back in April on Great Keppel Island. No scratch that I am just being selfish and mean, mostly selfish.

And apparently I am a partial journalist?

This is according to Kate. For some reason Amy is a journalist, and Kate’s a journalist but I’m a partial journalist? This all started when Chris quoted a line from my story. How woman can’t be journalists because they have woman features and Kate says to him ‘there are two journos here.” So I asked who she meant. Because I figured there would be three. But apparently not she was referring to her and Amy as journalists but I was only partial one. As if!

I have a college diploma in journalism. I worked for a student newspaper and actual newspaper before I came here to Australia. And I am member of the Canadian Association of Journalists. So to be called a partial journalist is quite annoying to me. Even if it wasn’t meant to be mean. Note: this isn’t meant to be mean towards Kate either as she is my friend. As always I am just reading into much stuff.

What do I have to do be taken seriously? Maybe I should just die! That would make the whole world a lot better. My gravestone will say: Her lies Melissa McKenna, weird nerd nerdy retarded weird girl and partial journalist, she never amounted to anything special and her crabby nature is remembered by all the unfortunate souls who came in contact with her. The End!

This pathetic I am drowning in all my self pity. I am sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. I’ll be surprised if I make it to tomorrow without feeling the same way.


Anonymous said...

Awww...hopefully you cheer up (although i'm sure you will!) It sucks we couldn't talk more indepthly last night :( But oh well life is confusing! You looked lovely in your new shirts though - really really!!!
Luv Amy

Anonymous said...

Mel-issa, I know you said in here that you didn't intend to make me feel bad or anything..

But next time, don't make a comment which isn't exactly positive about someone who constantly reads your blog.