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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Melissa Computer?

I want to write something positive for once!

After a whirlwind trip to Vancouver, where my little brother was subjected to 3 doctors appointments in 1 day in a span of just hours, evil taxi drivers, my computer becoming a babysitter/ calmness enabler (more on that later) and I surviving the antics of Hev-Lady; It appears Tony (my brother)most likely won’t need surgery due to his scoliosis as the doctor believes he has stopped growing and therefore if no more growing takes place he’d be able to function with the spine he has (which is just as twisty and scary as my mind.:P )This is something I am thankful for because it apparently is a very painful procedure and my brother has a enough issues without having to recover from major surgery. Phew!

As for my computer, the battery was practically drained both trips on the plane…

Was subjected to certain spills

Was used to keep my brother occupied

A reason for a 6:30 am wake up call…

My brother is obsessed with my computer.

Me: (Arriving at car which will take us to the Vancouver trip of all tiredness.) Hi Tony!


Chauffer person (Mom had someone help us get to and fromJ): (Wincing) Oh oh ummm….Tony?

Mom: (she is used to this therefore it is of no consequence Tony:) Yes Tony it’s your sister

Me: Yay its Tony!


Me: Maybe later.

Tony: Whoooo oooohhhh

Later On:

Me: So Tony who would you like to sit with on the plane? Mom or Me?

Ummmm Melissa computer?

Me: You want to sit with my computer?

Tony: Yah!

Mom: (Laughs)

Even later on after we went through security and Tony checked to make sure my computer was alright.

Tony: (Super stoked about going on the plane, makes a mad dash for the metal bird and as he ascends the stairs he asks the flight attendant…) Melissa computer allowed? Play Melissa computer?

Flight attendant (Her name is Melanie by the way and like most people has no clue what Tony is on about.)

Me: He wants to know if my computer is allowed on and if he can play my computer on the plane?

Melanie: Yes just as soon we are in the air and the Captain has taken off the fasten seatbelt sign.


Melanie: (directs us to our seats, I sit by Tony. I have the computer after all.)

Tony: (Every 2 seconds) Melissa computer?

Me: Yes just as soon as the seatbelt light is off (I point the seatbelt sign to him)

Meanwhile the airplane rises into the air of altitudes of 23,000 ft. I know I shouldn’t be scared of flying after going overseas and all but….ummm yes

Tony: (Watching plane lift off with mad interest)

10 seconds later…Light blinks out.

Tony: Melissa Computer?

Me: Yes Tony.

This happened pretty much the exact same way on the flight home, except the flight attendant on the way home was named Meadow and she was a blonde not a brunette. Anyways thanks to Tony, when I got home I swear I had Spiderman and/or Harry Potter engraved in my eyeballs.

P.S. My brother is my hero!

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